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Receptive Language

  • following directions 

  • story comprehension skills

  • understadning questions

  • abstract language

  • vocabulary knowledge,/concepts/associations

  • processing & retaining auditory information

  • verbal reasoning & problem solving abilities

  • understanding plurals & verb tense

  • identifying sequence of events

  • difficulty with phonological awareness

Therapy objectives and activities are individually targeted to address your child's' communication needs.  Activities may include planning around the following difficulties.

Articulation/Speech Disorders

  • difficulties with certain sounds

  • unintelligible speech

  • struggling to form words

  • repeating sounds, syllables or words

Teens & Library

 Autism Spectrum

  • initiating & maintaining conversations

  • conversation etiquette

  • perspective taking skills

  • friendship skills

  • playing collaboratively

  • non verbal language

  • emotional regulation/self control

  • problem solving

  • classroom behaviour 

  • social cues

         Expressive Language

  • not talking or few words

  • frustrated at not being able to communicate

  • hesitant to communicate verbally with others

  • difficulty with oral retell/description

  • difficulty with word order in sentences

  • immature grammatical errors

  • limited vocabulary

  • retrieving the right words/using nonspecific words

  • tangential speech

  • written output

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