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We provide services to help our clients build communication skills for everyday life.  Our therapists bring knowledge and skills to support caregivers, children and youth dealing with communication difficulties.


Therapy Services 

Therapy is offered in a variety of settings depending upon client needs. Clinic, community and home settings are offered for individual, group and family, based upon availability.

School Observation

-Direct observation is school setting

-Collaboration with teachers on task

-Develop techniques to communicate

-Assist with Program modification

-Provide resources for school staff

Speech & Language

'-Articulation/speech sound

-Expressive Language

-Oral-Motor function


-Social communication

-Reading comprehension

-Written output

-Language comprehension 

-Auditory processing

-Problem solving/critical thinking

Assessment Services

Assessment administered vary depending upon the needs and goals identified by the family, child/youth or organization.  A combination of standardized and criterion referenced measures, skilled observation and caregiver interviews are used.  Upon completion of the assessment results and recommendations will be discussed.  A written repot will be provided upon request.

Tracy Parker, BA, MSc. 
Registered Speech Language Pathologist 
Certified by Speech Audiology Canada

Tracy has been practicing for over 20 years in the Cowichan Valley. The first part of her career was working in an Early Intervention Team with children from birth to 5 and their families.  The latter part of her career has been to work with children and youth in both the school system and private practice.

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