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Standardized protocols that may be included  in an assessment 

  • Comprehensive assessment of Spoken Language-CASL

  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-CELF:4

  • Listening Comprehension Test: Adolescents-LCT:A

  • Listening Comprehension Test: Elementary: LCT:E

  • Test of Language Development-TOLD: I3

  • Detroit Test of Learning Aptitude-DTLA:4

  • Language Processing Test: LPT:3

  • Children's Communication Checklist-CCC:2

  • Test of Written Language-TOWL:4

  • Test of Pragmatic Language-TOPL:2

  • Preschool Language Scale-PLS:5

  • Test of Adolescent and Adult Language-TOAL

  • Test of Problem Solving: Elementary-TOPS:3E

  • Test of Problem Solving Adolescent-TOPS:3A

  • Test of Auditory Comprehension of Language: TACL:4

  • Test of Narrative Language: TNL

  • Renfrew Bus Story

  • Pragmatic Language Observation:PLOS

  • Screening Test for Developmental Apraxia of Speech: STDAS

  • Test of Word Finding:TWF

  • Receptive, Expressive & Social Communication Assessment: RESCA-E

  • Social Skills Improvement System-SSIS

  • School-Age Autism Screening Inventory for High Functioning Students-SAASI-HFS

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